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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

I’m Back…Again!!!

Hello, everyone!!! I haven’t seen you guys in a while. There’s a few things I want to talk about. The first is I hope everyone in Carronshore primary are having a great time there because I’m certainly having an amazing time at Larbert high school. The second thing  is I’m doing another show!!!!!!! It’s called ‘Angles the tale of good and evil’ I’m doing it with the same company as astonishing… STAGEWORX… You can buy tickets at the macroberts center in Stirling. The show is on June the 18th and June the 19th. The show will be amazing and a great laugh. If you do decide to come I hope you will enjoy it!!!!!!! There is one more thing I would like to talk about, it’s that my personality has changed a lot from what it was in primary school. I’m not really in to the stuff I was in primary school. But what I am into is Harry Potter, I love it so much. I’m a Slytherin. I will write more stuff when I can cause I have a lot of show stuff that has to be done… So until then Bye!!!!!!!!!   

I’m Back!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, I haven’t seen you guys in a while. I need to tell you a few things, I am now in high school, I go to Larbert High and it is awesome. Second, I just did a show in the summer with my performing arts school Stageworx. I did a solo and the song was called pulled from the Addams family Musical. I got to be the ring master in a circus dance we did the whole show was awesome and if you did come and see I hope you enjoyed it. To all the people in Carronshore primary… STAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Long Time No See

Hey, long time no see everyone. I have not been on my blog for ever. By the way if stampyongnose is looking at this blog, your are sooooooooooooo awesome, I Watch your videos everyday. I love you, I love your videos, and by the way I love cake too! Bye everyone 

Christmas Post

Hello World, I’m going to tell you about the Christmas thing we have done at school. We have done Christmas cowardanits, the first sheet we done was one were you had to follow the instructions to get the right answers. The next one we did was we had to answer the questions. It made a Christmas cracker. The last one we did was a sheet that we had to get the right numbers, it made a Christmas tree. see you later world!   

What I done at School

Hi World, I’m going to tell you what I done at school. I have done some A.R reading in my class, My teacher is awesome, I do a lot if maths and Literacy. I do some writing and P.E. Our class has a book called why the whales came, But we used to have a book called The Butterfly Lion, it was very good. That most of the stuff we do in class. Bye


Hello world, on Wednesday I’m going to see Robbie Williams and his special guest is Olly Murs. I’m going to see him and Olly at Hamden park. I won’t be back till mid night so I will be very tired in the morning because I have school in the morning, I think it will be sooooooooooooo fun!!!! Bye world!:~) 

Going On Holiday

Hey world I can’t wait till Friday after school because I’m going to Glasgow for a night at the Premier In Hotel. I know that it doesn’t seem like a big thing, but…………..I’m going on a CRUISE the next. I’m going on a cruise ship called The Oceana, I have been on it before and it’s sooooooooooooo fun, but there’s 1 thing that I don’t want to do, it’s the journey to southampten. Me and my family have got to go on the bus to southampten and it takes 10 hours to get there, there is 4 stops to have breakfast 2 snacks and lunch. In the morning we have got to get up at 3 o, clock in the morning to get ready to go on the bus, but it’s not that bad. The annoying thing is getting on the boat, you have got to wait in a line to get into the reception and that takes about half an hour and then when you get in you have got to sit and wait till your number is called, but that only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. After your number gets called you line up for 30 minutes to get all of the other stuff. Once you get on the boat your room won’t be ready yet so you can go to the pool to relax or you can go with your mum or dad to check into the kids club, so it’s quite fun. Once your room is ready you can go and check it out, you’ll know when it is ready because the captain calls out on the microphone “The rooms are now ready, you can go in them.” I love going into the room. The last cruise I went on had a balcony, it was very fun having it. The last cruise I went on is called The Ventura. The thing that I hate is doing the check, it’s when all of the people go to the cabana club and do a check to make sure if the boat crashed that we were all know how to put our life jackets on, I know anyway. It takes about 5 hours for the boat to take off into sea. I can’t wait till I go on my holiday, it will be awesome! Bye world!      


Hello world I’m going to tell you about the weekend I had on holiday. I went to Blackpool! I stayed in the Big Blue Hotel, I had a room with my brother, it had a snakes and ladders game on the wall, there was a very big foum dice and one blue and one red counter. Me and my brother were playing snakes and ladders and I won, we got there at 7 o, clock in the evening, we went after school and it takes 4 hours to get there. On the first night we all went for a walk to corl island( corl island is a game center) after that we walked back to the hotel, on the way back we walked past the plaesure beach because our hotel is right next to it and you can see pleasure beach from our room window, you can see the Big Dipper, the Big one, the Streak the revoltion and the Steepel case. The next day we went down to the breakfast bit to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went to pleasure beach, we got tot go through the back door because we were staying at the Big Blue Hotel and we got our rist bands at the hotel. The first ride that we went on was the derby racer, the derby racer is a very fast round a bout, you get to sit on horses, the fastist horse is the red ones on the outside. It is very fun! The ride that I wanted to go on is the Big One, but I’m too small for the ride. My favourite rides are the Wallace and Gromit’s thrill o matic, the big dipper, sometimes I get scared on it because I have been stuck on it and this time some people had to walk down because of a power cut, my other favourite ride is the grand national, it is the only twin coaster in the world and the avalach, there all my favourite rides. The wallce and Gromit’s thrill o matic is the new ride to plaesure beach, it is so fun! I think it is scary at the end because the werrabbit pops out, I got a very big fright! The next day we went to plaesure beach again, it was very fun day aswell. On the first day the park opened at 10 and shut at 6 and on the second day the park opened at 11 and shut at five! One more thingI love Blackpool    

Answers to new Zealand

This is a post is to answer the questions from some children that live in New Zealand. I answered 3 of the questions. Here are some now!

1. Our main Celebrations are Christmas, Easter and New Years day.

2. Our country’s national animal is a unicorn.

3. the come bagpipes from France, but they got to Scotland.

Thats all the ones I could answer, bye for now world! 🙂